Kirsti Jantunen



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Kirsti Jantunen

Finish Photographer /

Fotógrafa Finish

Kirsti is a Finnish artist who has lived in Sayalonga for the past 8 years. The main inspiration for her artistic work has been the natural environment and her relationship with it. Her intention is for the work to help bring us back to a closer relationship with nature.

She has used many different techniques from oil painting to paper sculpturing and is also very fond of reusing old materials to create something novel yet temporary, often in close interaction with her clients. This has included building mobiles from linen and wood.

Black and white photography has been one focus for her creativity over the last twenty years. The changeover from film to digaital coincided with her move from Finland to Spain and at that time she began to explore also colour photography.

Kirsti has exhibited in Finland, Russia and Spain.


E-mail: kirsti.jantunen@kolumbus.fi






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